Byron John is from the American South and has lived in rural backwoods, large cities, and everywhere in between. He grew up on a steady diet of Ryder Stacy and D. B. Drumm before David Eddings and Anne Rice offered perfect distractions at college.

He was that college student who would hang out with the professors off campus. He has since worked in education, radio, industrial chemicals, and manufacturing. Writing, however, always stayed in the back of his mind. One can find him in the rural South living a quiet life with his lovely wife.

The Long Is The Night series is the result of a young Byron wishing he could see James Bond take on the supernatural. That never happened, but the thought simmered for decades until an alternative secret agent finally came to life through a word processor. The novels involve an assassin who has just lost the love of his life. Investigating that death leads to answers darker than his past…beyond the world of the living.

Byron lives in Texas with his fantastic wife who puts up with his writing thing.